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Short Biography

I am currently an Associate Professor in Computer Science at Prince Sultan University, and a Research Associate at the CISTER Research Unit. I received my Habilitation degree in Computer Science on September 2011.

I was acting as faculty member in the College of Computer Science and Information Systems at Al-Imam University (Riyadh) from September 2006 until August 2011. I was also a Consultant in Networking Systems in the IT department of Al-Imam Mohamed bin Saud University during 2012.

I am also leader of COINS Research Group in the CCIS at Al-Imam Mohamed bin Saud University.
I have received my Ph.D. from the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine (INPL) and INRIA/LORIA, in 2004.

My primary research interest is the design and implementation of wireless sensor networks and multi-robot applications. I am also interesting in applying cloud computing technologies for mobile robots and sensor networks.

I have driven the research efforts in the context of the open-ZB research frameworks that have contributed to the release of an open-source toolset of the IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee protocol stack. I am also the Chair of the TinyOS ZigBee Working Group, whose purpose is achieving a standard-compliant open-source implementation of ZigBee over TinyOS. In addition, I am involved in the CONET European Network of Excellence, in particular with the research cluster COTS-based architecture for QoS in large-scale distributed embedded systems. I am interested in several other topics in particular, Localization and Tracking, Cooperative Robotics, Security, and Link Quality Estimation.

In 2007, I received the Best Paper Award at Euromicro Conference in Real-Time Sytems (ECRTS07), the most reputed conference in real-time systems in Europe. In March 2010, I won the  Reseach Excellence Prize, in the category Best Research Work, at Al-Imam Mohamed bin Saud University.

In 2009 and 2011, my Master students Ricardo Severino and Maissa Ben Jamaa (respectively) won the very prestigious Best CONET/EWSN Master Award, in EWSN 2009 and EWSN 2011 conferences; respectively.

I have been also the leader of several research projects namely Z-Monitor and R-Track Projects.

My h-index is 24 with more than 2460 citations to my publications (as of Dec 2014).

Currently, I am leading the iroboapp research project on intelligent applications for mobile robots.

Call for Chapters: Springer Book on Robot Operating System (ROS)

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Journal Editorial Activities

Recent Books

Publisher: Springer

Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 554

Editors: Koubaa, Anis, Khelil, Abdelmajid (Eds.)

Edition: 2014 (second edition), 231 pages.

Projects and Network of Excellence where I am Involved


Selected and Recent Publications

Hossein Fotouhi, Mário Alves, Marco Antonio Zúńiga Zamalloa, Anis Koubaa
Reliable and Fast Hand-Offs in Low-Power Wireless Networks.
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 13(11): 2620-2633 (2014). Impact Factor: 2.912

Basit Qureshi, Anis Koubaa
Five Traits of Performance Enhancement using Cloud Robotics: A Survey
The 5th International Conference on Emerging Ubiquitous Systems and Pervasive Networks 72(1): 461-507 (2013)

Anis Koubaa, Maissa Ben Jamâa
Taxonomy of Fundamental Concepts of Localization in Cyber-Physical and Sensor Networks.
Wireless Personal Communications 72(1): 461-507 (2013)

Olfa Gaddour, Anis Koubaa, Raghuraman Rangarajan, Omar Cheikhrouhou, Eduardo Tovar, Mohamed Abid.
Co-RPL: RPL Routing for Mobile Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks using Corona Mechanism
In 9th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems, Pisa, Italy 18-20 June 2014.

Omar Cheikhrouhou, Anis Koubaa, Hachemi Bennaceur.
Move and Improve: A Distributed Multi-Robot Coordination Approach for Multiple Depots Multiple Travelling Salesmen Problem
In the IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions (IEEE ICARSC | ROBÓTICA 2014), Espinho, Portugal.

Imen Chaari, Anis Koubaa, Hachemi Bennaceur, Adel Ammar, Khaled Al-Shalfan.
smartPATH: An Efficient Hybrid ACO-GA Algorithm for Solving the Global Path Planning Problem of Mobile Robots
in the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems (IJARS), InTech Publisher,(accepted), 2014 (Impact Factor 0.821) .

Imen Chaari, Anis Koubaa, Hachemi Bennaceur, Adel Ammar, Sahar Trigui, Mohamed Tounsi, Elhadi Shakshuki, Habib Youssef.
On the Adequacy of Tabu Search for Global Robot Path Planning Problem in Grid Environments
in the 5th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT-2014), Elsevier, Belgium, June 2014.

Sahar Trigui, Anis Koubaa, Omar Cheikhrouhou, Hachemi Bennaceur, Mohamed-Foued Sriti, Yasir Javed.
A Distributed Market-Based Algorithm for the Multi-Robot Assignment Problem
in the Third International Workshop on Cooperative Robots and Sensor Networks (Robosense), Elsevier, Belgium, June 2014.

A. Koubaa
A Service-Oriented Architecture for Virtualizing Robots in Robot-as-a-Service Clouds
in the 27th Conference on Architecture of Computer Systems (ARCS 2014), February 25-28, 2014, Luebeck, Germany.

Maram Al-Ajlan, Anis Koubaa, Imen Chaari, Hachemi Bennaceur, Adel Ammar,
Global Path Planning for Mobile Robots in Large-Scale Grid Environments using Genetic Algorithms,
in the 2013 International Conference on Individual and Collective Behaviors in Robotics (ICBR'2013), December 15-17, 2013, Sousse, Tunisia.

O. Gaddour and A. Koubaa
RPL in a Nutshell: A Survey
in Computer Networks Journal Elsevier (impact factor= 1.231). 2012.

Anis Koubaa, Sahar Trigui, Imen Chaari
Indoor Surveillance Application using Wireless Robots and Sensor Networks: Coordination and Path Planning
IGI Book, Mobile Ad Hoc Robots and Wireless Robotic Systems: Design and Implementation, IGI, 2012.

Imen Chaari, Anis Koubaa, Hachemi Bennaceur, Sahar Trigui, Khaled Al-Shalfan
smartPATH: A Hybrid ACO-GA Algorithm for Robot Path Planning
the 2012 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE CEC 2012), Brisban, Australia, June 2012.

A. Koubaa, M. B. Jemaa and A. Alhaqbani.
An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of RSS to Distance Mapping on Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Third International Conference on Commmunications and Networking (COMNET'2012), Hammamet, Tunisia, 29 Mars, 1 April. 2012.

S. Trigui, A. Koubaa, M. B. Jemaa, I. Chaari and K. Al-Shalfan.
Coordination in a Multi-Robot Surveillance Application using Wireless Sensor Networks
16th IEEE Mediterranian Electrotechnical Conference, Hammamet (Tunisia), 25-28 March, 2012.. 2012.

O. Gaddour, A. Koubaa, S. Chaudhry, M. Tezeghdanti and M. Abid.
Simulation and Performance Evaluation of DAG Construction with RPL
Third International Conference on Commmunications and Networking (COMNET'2012), Hammamet, Tunisia, 29 Mars, 1 April. 2012.

Nouha Baccour, Anis Koubaa, Luca Motolla, Marco Zuniga, Habib Youssef, Carlo Boano, Mario Alves,
Radio Link Quality Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks: a Survey
to appear in ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks. 2011. (Impact Factor = 1.96, 2009)

A. Koubaa, S. Chaudhry, O. Gaddour, R. Chaari, N. Al-Elaiwi, H. Al-Souli, H. Boujelben
Z-Monitor: Monitoring and Analyzing IEEE 802.15.4-based Wireless Sensor Networks
the 6th IEEE LCN Workshop on Network Measurements, in conjunction with 36th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN 2011), Bonn (Germany), 4-7 October 2011. IEEE ed. 2011.

Nouha Baccour, Anis Koubâa, Maissa Ben Jamâa, Denis do Rosario, Habib Youssef, Mario Alves and Leandro Becker.
RadiaLE: a Framework for Designing and Assessing Link Quality Estimators in Wireless Sensor Networks,
Ad Hoc Networks Journal, Elsevier, 2011. (Impact Factor = 1.293, 2009)

Mohsen Rouached, Shafique Chaudhry, Anis Koubaa
Service-Oriented Architecture Meets LowPANs: a Survey
The International Journal of Ubiquitous Systems and Pervasive Networks (JUSPN), Issue 1, Volume 1, 2011.

Omar Cheikhrouhou, Anis Koubaa, Olfa Gaddour, Gianluca Dini, Mohamed Abid
RiSeG: a ring based secure group communication protocol for resource-constrained wireless sensor networks
Springer Journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 2011. (Impact Factor = 1.554; 2009)
Rank 14 of 76 in subject category Telecommunications.

P. Jurcik, R. Severino, A. Koubaa, M. Alves, E. Tovar
Dimensioning and Worst-case Analysis of Cluster-Tree Sensor Networks
ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, August 2010.

Nouha Baccour, Anis Koubâa, Habib Youssef, Maissa Ben Jamâa, Denis do Rosario, Mario Alves and Leandro Becker
F-LQE: A Fuzzy Link Quality Estimator for Wireless Sensor Networks
The 7th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2010), Coimbra, Portugal, September 17-19, 2010. (19% of acceptance).

Anis Koubâa, Ricardo Severino, Mario Alves, Eduardo Tovar
Improving Quality-of-Service in Wireless Sensor Networks by mitigating hidden-node collisions
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Special Issue on Real-Time and Embedded Networked Systems, Volume 5, Number 3, August 2009. (Impact Factor = 2.356; 2008)

Nouha Baccour, Anis Koubâa, Maissa Ben Jamâa, Habib Youssef, Marco Zuniga, and Mario Alves A Comparative Simulation Study of Link Quality Estimators in Wireless Sensor Networks 17th Annual Meeting of the IEEE International Symposium on Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS 2009), South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London, September 21-23, 2009. (20% acceptance on Extended papers).

Anis Koubâa, Bjorn Andersson, "A Vision of Cyber-Physical Internet", In Proc. of the Workshop of Real-Time Networks (RTN 2009), Satellite Workshop to (ECRTS 2009), July 2009.

More Books

Publisher: Springer

Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 554

Editors: Koubaa, Anis, Khelil, Abdelmajid (Eds.)

Edition: 2013 (First Edition), 231 pages.

Publisher: Springer

Series: SpringerBriefs in Cooperating Objects

Authors Tennina, S., Koubâa, A., Daidone, R., Alves, M., Jurcik, P., Severino, R., Tiloca, M., Hauer, J.-H., Pereira, N., Dini, G., Bouroche, M., Tovar, E

Edition: 2013, 169 pages.

Publisher: Springer

Series: SpringerBriefs in Cooperating Objects

Authors: Baccour, N., Koubaa, A., Noda, C., Fotouhi, H., Alves, M., Youssef, H., Zúńiga, M.A., Boano, C.A., Romer, K., Puccinelli, D., Voigt, T., Mottola, L.

Edition: 2013, 147 pages.