I teach computer science at the Department of Informatics Engineering


School of Engineering (ISEP)

Polytechnic Institute of Porto

Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431, 4200-072 Porto


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My main researh interest is in Software Engineering

I am specially interested in Domain Engineering, Model Driven Development and Software Product Lines

Feel free to read my PhD Thesis:

"Methodological Approaches and Techniques for Model Driven Development of Software Product Lines




I am also a part-time researcher at the SEMAG (Software Engineering & Management Group) Research Group
Algoritmi Center, University of Minho, Portugal.

SEMAG Research Group

Information Systems Department, School of Engineering

University of Minho

Campus de Azurem, 4800-058 Guimarães



(alex@dei.isep.ipp.pt - This email will be discontinued very soon. Please use the new email: atb@isep.ipp.pt)

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