Carlos Abreu Ferreira


Informatics Engineering Department

School of Engineering of Porto

Rua Dr. Bernardino de Almeida, 431

4200-072 Porto,



Phone: +351 22 834 05 24



INESC, Campus da FEUP

Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 

4200 - 465 Porto, 



Phone: +351 222 094 000




I am a teacher in DEI-ISEP and a researcher at LIAAD-INESC TEC. Currently my main activities can be divided

in two groups:




       Subdirector of the Informatics Engineering degree.

       Lecturer of a Software Engineering course.

       Supervisor of several BSc, MSc and PhD students. Most of the projects that I supervise are in the areas

of Data Mining, Machine Learning and Software engineering.




       Coordinator of the Smart Farming project.

       LIAAD coordinator of line five of the NanoStima Project.

       Member of the RECAP project.

       A list of some papers that I recently published can be found in DBLP and Google Scholar.

       Member of the Programme Committee of several top international and national conferences in the area

of Machine Learning and reviewer of several top international journals.

       Member of the organization of the ADVANCED SCHOOL ON DATA SCIENCE FOR BIG DATA (EAIA 2018).



My main research interests are related with Machine Learning, Pattern Mining, Deep Learning and Causality. My

focus is on predictive analytics and outlier detection tasks, in problems that may involve temporal and non-stationary

data in Agriculture and Health Care fields.



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