GECAD Ontology ALignment System

This work is partially supported by the Portuguese MCT-FCT project COALESCE (PTDC/EIA/74417/2006).

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Here, you are invited to download GOALS and start using it.


GOALS files  (version 1.2 — 2011/02/10)


* GOALS Components;

* Libraries; 

* Examples.



* Java (jre 1.5.0 / jdk 1.5.0);



* Download GOALS files;

* Unzip it to a folder of your preference;


                 GOALS can be started from command line as follows:

                                  java -jar GOAlS_Test.jar projectFile

                 Several project files are provided as examples.

                 Please, take a look at “Examples” folder.

                 To run the provided examples you can execute the “run[?].bat” files.

                 To see each example output results check the respective example folder.

Feel free to contact us, if you encountered difficulties in the usage, to report bugs or just to provide new ideas and improvements for next version.