QTDEI: Research and Systems @ Sword Health

The Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI) of the Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP), in collaboration with the Master in Critical Computing Systems Engineering (MESCC), invites to participate in another webinar "Critical Computing Series: Research and Systems @ Sword Health", that will take place on april 26th, at 18:30 PM, room B202.


Sword is a digital health company headquartered in Porto, known for its innovative use of technology to improve the lives of individuals worldwide. With a compelling mission to alleviate pain for 2 billion people, Sword boasts a multifaceted organizational structure comprising of diverse teams that collaborate synergistically to develop groundbreaking products. One of the pivotal teams at Sword is the Research and Systems team, which comprises highly skilled and specialized engineers. Through their ingenuity and dedication, this team drives the development of next-generation technologies, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of digital health. In this talk, two members of the Research and Systems team, Pedro Rodrigues and Pedro Sousa, will talk about Sword, the challenges their team faces, the technology stack they use and, in the end of the talk, they will present a short demo of the Sword's product with the highest impact.

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Pedro Rodrigues is the Embedded Team Tech Lead at Sword. Master's degree from ISEP in Electronics Automation and Control. Specialized in digital hardware design during the MSc developing digital hardware using Hardware Description Languages. Started in a professional level at Synopsys working in MIPI and DDR controllers for five years. Joined Sword in 2020 to develop firmware, hardware, and Sword production tools. Helped grew the embedded team from one member to five.

Pedro Sousa is a Senior Firmware Engineer, part of the Embedded Team responsible for the design and development of firmware, hardware, and tools for mass production of the Sword Health products. With 6 years of experience in Embedded Systems (Sword Health, Synopsys, DSR,..), and started his career here at ISEP in the Autonomous Systems Laboratory working in robotics after graduating in Electrical and Computer Engineering.https://www.linkedin.com/company/swordhealth

Data: 2023-04-26

Horário: 18:30 PM

Local: B202

O evento não necessita de inscrição prévia.

Para mais informações: qtdei@dei.isep.ipp.pt

Organização: This webinar is organized by QTDEI, in collaboration with the Master in Engineering for Critical Computing Systems (MESCC) of the Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP).