QTDEI - Microservices saga: A story about distributed transactions

O Departamento de Engenharia Informática (DEI) do Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP), numa iniciativa conjunta com o Mestrado em Engenharia Informática (MEI), convida à participação em mais uma Palestra, desta vez sobre o tema “Microservices saga: a story about distributed transactions”, que terá lugar no dia 13 de Dezembro, pelas 18h10, no ISEP.

O evento será presencial, na sala B203.

When adopting a microservices architecture, handling distributed transactions (DT) is a common challenge. In this session, we will analyse a practical microservices example to discuss: i) what DT are,
ii) how the Saga pattern can help deal with them, and
iii) different implementation approaches and their tradeoffs.
We'll touch on architectural topics like balancing consistency and availability, choreography and orchestration, and monitoring/observability.

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