QTDEI: Technical Writing for Engineers

The Department of Computer Engineering (DEI) of the Engineering Institute of Porto (ISEP), in collaboration with the Master in Computer Engineering (MEI), invites to participate in another lecture, this time with the theme " Technical Writing for Engineers ", which will take place on April 15th, at 6 pm, at ISEP.

The event will take place in room B103.


As businesses grow, so does the need for technical documentation. Up-to-date technical documentation can save precious time for developers, and, consequently, save money for our company. The production of up-to-date technical documentation should include not only technical writers but also developers (engineers). Technical writers know how to write, but developers are the subject matter experts.

Instead of doing all the writing, technical writers should work side-by-side with teams, providing them the means to produce their documentation. In this talk, I will start by showing how good technical documentation can impact the daily lives of developers and product managers. Then, I’ll introduce the basic concepts of technical writing. Finally, I will explain how technical writers and developers can work side by side and propose a small exercise.

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