QTDEI: Webinar Critical Computing Serie

The Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI) of the Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP), with the Master in Critical Computing Systems Engineering (MESCC), invites to the webinar "Critical Computing Series: Building Real-Time Software on Linux using SCHED_DEADLINE", that will take place on March 2nd, at 3:00 PM, room B203.

SCHED_DEADLINE is a relatively new scheduling class that was recently added to the Linux kernel for dealing with real-time tasks, in addition to the well-known POSIX-compliant priority-based real-time scheduling class. SCHED_DEADLINE adds a deadline-based scheduler for real-time tasks implementing the well-known Earliest Deadline First (EDF) scheduling policy, configurable as a global, partitioned or clustered EDF scheduler, with the addition of a multi-processor variant of the Constant Bandwidth Server (CBS) algorithm, merged with further features like the Greedy Reclamation of Unused Bandwidth (GRUB), plus a few recently added integration with the energy-aware scheduling subsystem of Linux.

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