Introduction to multimedia Quality of Experience

No âmbito do Laboratório de Computação Gráfica e Multimédia (LabCGM), ir-se-à realizar amanhã, 23 de Junho pelas 11h, a seguinte palestra:

Currently, most of the traffic on the Internet is generated by video services. Providers are not only focused on maintaining the availability of services but are pressed (due to strong competition in the market) to deliver a proper level of quality. In this context, two different types of quality are defined. The first is quality of service (QoS), the second is Quality of Experience (QoE). This lecture will introduce Quality of Experience, which is a multilevel concept focused on methods of assessing multimedia services by end-users.

Orador:Dawid Juszka, PhD in Telecommunications, PhD in Law,
Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications
AGH University of Science and Technology
Krakow, Poland


Password: 116676