QTDEI: Event Sourcing and CQRS: A Backend for Frontend story

No dia 4 de Janeiro (terça-feira), às 20h40min, irá realizar-se a palestra "Event Sourcing and CQRS: A Backend for Frontend story".

You are now responsible for the architecture of a new backend system.

The requirements are:

  • to keep a record of every single transaction,
  • to segregate write and read responsibilities,
  • to be highly adaptable to different frontend clients.

Simultaneously, how would you do it?

In this interactive session, we will go through a practical example of applying Event Sourcing and CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation), as a possible solution for this problem. We will understand the problems these patterns propose to solve and their synergies. Finally, we will see how they can be leveraged to adapt a single backend system to different frontend applications. All views, opinions, or recommendations shared in this talk are based on the speaker's own experience and perspective and do not represent his employer or organisation in any way.

Língua: comunicação em português, mas com recursos escritos em inglês.

Apresentação: Orador João Neves

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